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our company

We founded this company together because we are convinced that together we can achieve better results than either alone.

Our highest goal is to deliver quality work to satisfied customers.

The only way to be successful in our industry is to practice the profession with pleasure and love for the work.


Our company consists of a team of highly experienced and skilled professionals.

We work efficiently, meet the highest quality standards and use the latest techniques and tools.


There is an increasing shortage of good professionals. Old crafts are becoming increasingly lost. There are more and more underprivileged people. People can sometimes find themselves in unfortunate situations against their will. Worst case scenario, become homeless. People who are in deep trouble may still have their skills. We therefore work together with the municipality of Arnhem and the Dak and Homeless Center (DAK) and see whether we can get motivated people back into the daily work process. After all, it would be a shame if their skills were lost. They receive intensive guidance in this. where customer contact is an important factor.

Paints and mortars uses by us

We only work with the best paints. The reason for this is that they last longer and this means that we can provide better service and warranty on our work. Paints we use include Boomstoppel, Sikkens, Sigma, Nelf and Epifanes. For piecework we mainly work with Knauf. Frame repairs can be carried out in different ways. Removing part of the frame and installing new parts (preferably hardwood) or repair using special two-component fillers. Please note that this only applies to wooden frames. Whether or not window frames can be repaired depends on many factors and is not always possible in advance. We are happy to inform you.