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You will receive a clear cost estimate from us in advance. You will always be told a contract price. Sometimes a fixed contract price is not possible. think, for example, of placing ornaments. In that case, we will agree on a maximum amount with you. 


The guarantee for recognized painting companies is regulated by law. Interior painting has a 4-year warranty. Exterior painting has a two-year warranty. For piecework, we provide a 5-year warranty for the interior work and a three-year warranty for the exterior work. Depending on the condition of the frames if they are repaired, we will discuss the warranty period with you.


You will probably wonder whether you have to pay a high VAT rate or a low VAT rate when outsourcing painting work. There is a lot of uncertainty about the VAT rate that applies to your situation. If you are planning to have painting work carried out, you naturally want to pay the best price and benefit from the low VAT rate. The conditions that must be met are included in this article. We provide insights into which VAT rates are charged on which activities.
Regular VAT rate on painting work 2024
What are the VAT rates on painting work at the moment? There is a low VAT rate of 9% and a high VAT rate of 21%. The conditions differ per house. When the residential property is two years or older, you pay a regular VAT rate of 9% on the painter's costs. If I perform work on homes older than 2 years, the labor and paint materials are all subject to 9% VAT. Only materials and paint supplied for self-work are subject to 21% VAT. Unfortunately, this favorable VAT scheme does not apply to new-build homes.
Unfortunately, there is also some confusion about the VAT rate of 6%. This was increased from 6 to 9 percent at the beginning of 2019 and therefore no longer exists.
For which activities do you pay the low VAT rate?
If your home is more than two years old, a low VAT rate applies to many activities. This includes painting, lacquering, staining and varnishing. The various preparatory work also falls under the favorable rate of 9%. Everything is listed below:
Interior and exterior painting. Consider, for example, the painting of doors, window frames, kitchens, cupboards, but also the exterior facade of your home;
Painting preparations. This includes pre-treating walls, sanding or applying primer;
Lacquers, varnishes and stains;
Flakes on floors and stairs;
Applying a cast floor with a layer of paint on top.
Fortunately, a favorable rate of 9% applies to most work. However, this is not the case in every situation. In any case, if a home has not yet reached the age of 2 years, a VAT rate of 21% must be charged. If you have any doubts about this, you can easily consult the Basic Registers of Addresses and Buildings (BAG) or have your contractor check this. This also applies to activities that are far removed from painting. Consider the following activities:
Repairing wooden frames with, for example, wooden inserts for the painting job;
Sandblasting, repairing and impregnating facades, concrete surfaces and masonry;
Making a basement or attic free of moisture;
Applying glass and repairing joints;
Applying wrap film;
The sealant work on the construction. This includes sealing building elements on facades;
Sanding and varnishing a parquet floor. (sanding and varnishing a load-bearing floor does fall under the favorable rate of 9%).
important points of attention:
The home where the painting work is done must not only be older than two years. The home must also be intended for private individuals and be occupied by private individuals. Caravans and houseboats are also seen as homes.
This reduced VAT rate does not apply to commercial buildings, office buildings, holiday homes (not permanently occupied) and separate garages. If your home is used for more than 50% as living space, the low VAT scheme may also apply. If more than 50% is used as commercial premises, the painter may only charge the low rate for the residential part of the building.
Was your home built in multiple phases and would you like to benefit from the 9% VAT rate? Then at least half of your home must be more than 2 years old.
VAT scheme for new-build house
Have you recently acquired a new-build home? Unfortunately, a VAT rate of 21% must be charged on the interior and exterior painting work. When the home has reached the age of 2 years, the low VAT rate may of course be calculated.